Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan
Lisa is a milliner by trade and has spent most of her adult life working in fashion in London and her native Australia. She also has a wasted journalism degree but attempts to justify its means through her racing lifestyle website – that’s when she’s not making hats, eating or honing her craft of baking paleo cakes (which she claims to be every now and then before falling victim to sugar).

The rise and rise of the éclair – Maitre Choux & L’éclair de Génie

Maitre Choux

It seems the glory days of the macaron (or “macaroon” if you want to Anglicise it) are long gone and a new French fancy has taken the mantle of most Instagrammed treat. The humble éclair has been given a makeover of Caitlyn Jenner proportions: gone is the sticky splodge of icing, replaced by silky ganache, floral appliqués or gold leaf, ...

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