Lisa C

Lisa C
Lisa is very much the culinary brains behind LondonPiggy. She grew up in north London and her love of food is matched by her passion for travel. She's already visited every continent, with the exception of Antarctica. C She's currently working on an exciting new project, visit

Lyle’s, Shoreditch

Queenie scallops with sea blight at Lyle's

In terms of quality of cooking and value, it puts most similar places to shame. Some say it’s bold, others call it arrogant; serving a no-choice set menu certainly divides opinion. Despite this, more and more restaurants are joining the club and diners are getting on board with it. One such place is Lyle’s, a recent arrival in Shoreditch’s Tea ...

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The House of Ho

House of Ho

‘Sharing is caring’ as Bobby says on the menu. More like sharing means smaller portions, more dishes and and higher prices. Sometimes you can go for an unplanned meal and stumble upon something special. Sadly, our visit to The House of Ho was not one of those occasions. When you’re in Soho looking for a week night walk-in with no ...

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Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon

Percebes/goose barnacles

I dread to think what this would’ve cost at home but it was worth every cent. I will dream of this meal for a long time to come. Cervejaria Ramiro is every seafood lover’s paradise. If you’re partial to a crusteacean or two and happen to be visiting Lisbon, this place is an absolute must. We arrived at midday to ...

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The Pudding Bar, Soho (now closed)

S'more cheesecake - Milk chocolate cheesecake, gingernut biscuit base with peanut butter ice cream

The Pudding Bar only serve desserts so it’s only fair to expect each dish to be amazing. Okay at least half decent then. All too often when we eat out, our evening is soured by mediocre desserts. Sometimes even Michelin starred restaurants are a let down when it comes to serving up something sweet. For this reason I think dessert ...

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Steamed sea bream, enoki mushroom, dashi

Sometimes when I go out for dinner, I expect too much and the experience can never quite match up. On this occasion, it was quite the opposite. One of our Christmas gifts last year was a voucher for Sunday supper for two at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze. We eventually got around to arranging a visit a few weeks ago and genuinely had ...

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Middle white pork chop

Please disregard any critic reviews you’ve read dismissing this as just another hipster hangout. Rotorino is a fine place for dinner and there was barely a beard in sight. On the unlikely looking, soon to be gentrified, stretch of Kingsland Road known as Haggerston, you’ll find a little diamond in the rough – Rotorino. Its menu offers up food inspired ...

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Ember Yard

Chorizo skewers

When it’s done well, barbecued food is about as good as it gets and make no mistake – Ember Yard is very, very good. Small plates is definitely nothing new. All too often I find that it’s just a ploy for restaurants to try to squeeze more cash out of you by encouraging you to share tiny plates of non-Spanish, ...

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Jun Ming Xuan, Colindale

Prawn & chive dumpling

I’m not sure if it’s the best dim sum in England but it’s bloody good. Dim sum is one of our favourite lunchtime options and we’re always on the lookout out for good recommendations in our quest to find the best in town. A little while ago, I saw that Giles Coren had said that Jun Ming Xuan serves the ...

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Blackfoot, Exmouth Market


The spare rib steak was one of the finest pieces of pork I’ve eaten this year – and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot. I once had a dream about dining in a place serving all things pig, with extra crackling on top. Well, it seems that dreams can come true, in the form of Blackfoot. Exmouth Market and the surrounding area ...

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Merchants Tavern

Roast Quail, Hazelnut Pesto, Remoulade and Fois Gras

None of it will set your world on fire but I don’t think it’s meant to. Merchants Tavern is all about good, reliable food. Think really well done, posh pub grub (sorry Angela). Firstly I’d like to apologise for the slightly blurry, shaky pictures accompanying this review. I’m putting this down to the many cocktails we consumed here. It all ...

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