John Coulson

John Coulson
John moved to London from his native north east in 2007 and co-founded LondonPiggy with his partner Lisa Cheung in 2012. Eventually his passion for street food got too much and he quit his job as a digital marketing director to work full-time in the industry, starting ParmStar in 2015.

Our top 20 UK street food dishes of 2015

Top 20 UK street food dishes 2015

This post started out as top 10 but in the end it was a struggle to stop at 20 Over the last few years, we’ve spent a worrying amount of time travelling around, visiting street food markets and generally stuffing our faces. So we thought it’s high time we posted a round-up. You know, because there aren’t enough top 10s, ...

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Jamon & Manchego Croquetas – Recipe

Jamon croquetas recipe

A rich, indulgent tapa that’s easy to make at home. When the guys from Mahou brewery in Spain got in touch and asked if we’d like to create and share a tapa recipe to go with their premium beer Alhambra Reserva 1925, it took us literally seconds to decide what we were going to cook. It just had to be ...

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LondonPiggy’s UK street food tour – Diary

Trinity Kitchen

Over the next few weeks we’ll be travelling around some of the fantastic street food markets and events outside London. It’s part of a wider feature we’re working on and we’ll be updating this blog post as we go, with a quick snapshot of every place we visit. Part Two: BittenStreet, Oxford (5th April) On Easter Saturday, undeterred by Network ...

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The fish finger sandwich redemption: From Bill’s to Fish & Chips by Des McDonald

Fish and Chips by Des McDonald - Fish Finger Buttie

Most of us have a sense of nostalgia about the food we ate when we were young. Whether it be a roast dinner, mac and cheese, pizza or congee, there’s usually a simple dish that stands-out and really takes you back. For me it’s definitely the humble fish finger sandwich. To this day I’m likely to have a pack of ...

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When I told the manager how much we’d enjoyed the short-rib, he remarked that it’s too fatty for lots of British people. We assured him that those people could never, ever be our friends. Kintan is London’s first Yakiniku restaurant (at least as far as I know) but I’m sure it won’t be the last. After all, there’s much more ...

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The Rib Man


If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy a rib meat roll, slathered with Holy Fuck sauce then I’m afraid we just can’t be friends. The Rib Man’s rolls prove beyond all doubt that great street food doesn’t have to be fancy. This is meat in a bun at its very best. We’re self-confessed spice addicts and for us there’s ...

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Spit & Roast

Spit and Roast 1

Fusion food has had a deservedly bad reputation for quite some time, but there are now quite a few street traders out there who are really making it work. One of them is Spit & Roast, whose delicious buttermilk fried chicken bap stands out above the rest. They use thigh and drumstick meat which has lots more flavour than breast meat. ...

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The Meat Co.

Meat 5

There are some superb steakhouses in London. The likes of Hawksmoor and Goodman have really raised the bar in recent years so it’s staggering to think that The Meat Co. is way pricier than both of them. The Southern Terrace at Westfield, Shepherds Bush seems like an odd location for a high-end steakhouse. But with cuts ranging from £25 to ...

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The River Cafe

River 1

Good food and flawless service, all in a lovely setting on the banks of the Thames. You’d think I’d already be planning a return trip. Well, you’d be wrong. Ever since opening their doors in the late 80s, The River Cafe has been renowned for serving up some of the best Italian food in London. So I’d heard anyway. You might ...

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Pizza Pilgrims – Three wheels to four walls


Not all too long ago, the Pizza Pilgrims could be found flogging Neapolitan-style pizzas out of the back of their 3-wheeled Piaggio van on Berwick Street in Soho. My how times have changed. The Pilgrims (brothers Thom and James Elliott) certainly had a busy 2013. Not satisfied with bagging themselves a show on Food Network, telling the story of their ...

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