There’s an ever growing number of restaurants and street traders serving Chinese steamed buns but as far as we’re concerned, Bao’s are by far the best in town.

A thing of beauty
A thing of beauty

Some people call them Gua Bao, others use the name Hirata buns but as far as I’m concerned they are one in the same thing. Yum Bun are widely credited with making them popular in the UK but in reality they just made their way across the pond from New York City where they have been a big deal for a couple of years.

Bao’s classic Gua Bao is filled with slow braised Pork Belly, home pickles, ground peanuts and coriander. The Milk Buns are apparently made using a Tang Zhong Starter and milk but the exact recipe is a bit of a secret.


Their soya milk fried chicken is pretty damn tasty too. The Bao itself isn’t massively filling so it’s a good idea to go for their meal option which includes a bao bun, the fried chicken, plus pomelo salad on the side.

Soya milk fried chicken
Soya milk fried chicken
Pomelo salad
Pomelo salad

Bao have six-seater bar at Netil Market and a market stall that can be found at Kerb, Street Feast and other London food events and I urge you to pay them a visit ASAP.



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