Blackfoot, Exmouth Market

The spare rib steak was one of the finest pieces of pork I’ve eaten this year – and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot.

I once had a dream about dining in a place serving all things pig, with extra crackling on top. Well, it seems that dreams can come true, in the form of Blackfoot.


Exmouth Market and the surrounding area has arguably become one of the best places for eating out in London. Blackfoot has been open for about six months and despite stiff competition, it’s certainly holding its own in the neighbourhood. The building used to be home to a pie and mash shop and it’s maintained an unpretentious, laid back feel. The staff also deserve a mention for being so attentive, friendly and, well, jolly.

As you may have guessed, the menu is basically an A-Z of pork. They take real pride in sourcing the best meat and that most definitely comes through in the flavour of their food.

Lardo is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it for the health conscious amongst you. Don’t worry about that though. The special starter of asparagus and lardo was a stroke of genius with fantastic creamy, rich, piggy tones. Okay, it might not look much but close your eyes and you’re in for a treat.

Their spare rib steak was one of the finest pieces of pork I’ve eaten this year – and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot. It was cooked lightly pink and I know this will be a no-no for some but the flavour really is worth it. Porchetta was also enjoyable but the crackling had lost its crackle and our search will go on for the perfect slice. Perhaps a trip to Rome will be necessary to find it. Don’t forget to add on a side of their fantastic chilli crackling, you won’t regret it.

Onto desserts and the piggy theme continued. That’s right they even snuck some pig into the peanut butter semifreddo – the clever sods. Desserts containing bacon can be an option splitter, which is weird when you consider that people are quite happy to eat it with pancakes and syrup. For us, they definitely pulled it off here and the salty bacon crumb worked brilliantly with the creamy sweet semifreddo. The other dessert, Like a key lime pie, was recommended by our waitress and was one of the few porkless things we ate all night. If you’ve got a very sweet tooth it might not be for you but we enjoyed the sharpness of the limes.

There’s not much more to say – apart from what great value this place is. You can eat very well (yes, three courses) for around £25 per head before drinks and service. It’s not often that we go out for a meal, spend less than £80 and eat such tasty food. And that, my friends, is pigging marvellous.

Price of food (inc. 12.5% service): £62.69

Total Bill: £79.59

*We revisited Blackfoot in September 2014 and unfortunately the standard seems to have slipped. The spare-rib steak was like a run-of-the-mill pork chop, the chilli crackling was so salty it was verging on inedible and nothing really stood out. Shame – let’s hope that was a one-off blip.

Asparagus and lardo
Asparagus and lardo
Spare rib steak
Spare rib steak with salsa verde
Porchetta stuffed with fennel pollen,  rosemary, thyme and sage
Porchetta stuffed with fennel pollen,
rosemary, thyme and sage
Peanut butter and bacon semifreddo
Peanut butter and bacon semifreddo
The best crackling ever
The best crackling ever
Like a key lime pie
Like a key lime pie
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Address: 46 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QE
Tel: 020 7837 4384
Twitter: @BlackfootEC1

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