Bone Daddies – So hip it hurts (your eardrums)

I’ve read so many ramen reviews lately that I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. Of all the places that have sprung up, Bone Daddies seems to have attracted the best write-ups and it made sense to me to start with the best. So off I went.

Bone Daddies menuI arrived on a Tuesday evening just after 6pm, Japanese adjudicator in tow. It was already starting to fill up with hipsters but we were seated right away. The décor is simple and there are a few large, square tables for communal dining. Luckily (I think) we were tucked away in the corner facing the wall. This meant it was fairly easy to shout at each other (the music is really loud) without half of the restaurant having to listen to our conversation. I’m not a big fan of noisy eating establishments. There’s nothing less elegant than having to shout your order to your waitress.

Soft shell crab
Soft shell crab

The menu was pretty straightforward; a decent array of starters then a choice of ramen and extra toppings. We ordered and I was surprised when all the food arrived in what couldn’t have been more than five to ten minutes. First up was soft shell crab, served with green chilli and ginger sauce, and tenderstem broccoli (to even up the badness). The crab was lovely and crispy, small but meaty. The sauce added a nice little kick too. The broccoli was served with yuzu mayo and was served refreshingly cold.

We asked for everything to come whenever it was ready so the ramen arrived with the starters. I had the tantanmen with added cock scratchings (pieces of deep fried chicken skin -very piggy indeed :@). My friend ordered the tonkotsu and both dishes looked delicious.

Tantanmen – Bone Daddies Finest

Unfortunately, neither ramen dish was piping hot but both had a nice chewiness to them. Mine was pleasingly spicy and I really enjoyed the boiled egg. My friend made good use of the pickled garlic and we both loved the addition of the sesame grinder. We also agreed that having a jar of hairbands on the side was a stroke of genius. Brilliant!

Although both dishes were pretty tasty, I would’ve definitely preferred a thinner broth. My tantanmen was  a little too oily for my grease sensitive stomach. I would’ve liked to have finished it but it was just too fatty! Why anyone would order the extra fat pipette is beyond me.

I asked my Japanese friend for her verdict on Bone Daddies (I think she’s a better judge of authenticity than me) and she gave the food an 8 out of 10 and added an extra point for the impressive condiments on the side.

tonkotsu ramen

As we left at 7pm, people were queuing out of the door. I’m not really sure why certain restaurants develop such followings. Is it always the draw of the food? Or just because it’s something new and cool? I grew up eating Nissin ramen at around 40p a packet so maybe this is why I’m not overly excited by it.

I suppose time will tell whether the whole ramen craze  is just a short term fad or something that’s here to stay. I wonder how long it will be before someone starts doing a ramen burger ;-). I guess I’d consider coming back if they turned the music down!

Meal for 2 with tap water; £40 (including service)

Address: 30-31 Peter Street, London, W1F0AR

Phone: 0207 287 8581


Bone Daddies Menu: Click Here

Twitter: @bonedaddiesRbar 

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