Burger & lobster – Part I, Lobster in Mayfair

There’s been a lot of buzz around Burger & Lobster for a while now and since both the Pig and the Hog are big fans of both parts of it’s name, we were obviously keen to give it a try.

If you’re a B&L first timer, you should know you’ll have to queue. That’s a given. They only accept bookings for tables of six or more so the smart move is to arrive early. However, there are now four branches (with plans for a fifth) so hopefully that will alleviate the demand a little. We got there just after six on a Thursday so we only had to wait outside for five minutes. Don’t worry though, it’s not going to be one of those reviews that just complains about not being able to book!

Burger & Lobster is perfect for the indecisive because there are only three choices on the menu: burger, lobster or lobster roll. All are served with fries and salad and priced at ₤20. It’s great value if you choose the lobster but there are definitely better priced gourmet burgers out there.


We pride ourselves on having a serious appetite but ordering all three dishes between the two of us seemed a bit excessive so we settled on the lobster and the lobster roll. I guess that makes this more of a half review, so please look out for Burger & Lobster (part II) sometime soon.

My fellow diner (the Hog) felt a bit short-changed by his lobster roll, but I think there is probably as much meat in that as there is in the beast itself. Nonetheless, the lobster takes longer to eat and is far more satisfying. Without wanting to sound cynical, I think the waiting staff are told to steer people away from the lobster towards the other two dishes. My advice to you is, “stick to your guns.” If you’ve gone there to eat lobster, eat lobster.

The lobster came with a rich butter sauce and was a good size. I ordered it roasted and it was cooked to perfection. The lobster meat was really sweet and tasty so I made sure I got every last morsel out of the claws! The Hog’s lobster roll consisted of lobster meat, served in a soft brioche bun with seafood sauce. It was very rich and flavoursome but yes, it was eaten up all too quickly. The salad was a fitting addition with a light dressing and the fries did the job too. We looked at the dessert menu but nothing took our fancy. Between you and I, we have a cupboard of plenty at home for just these situations.

The food here was tasty, but on the whole I’m not sure this place is worth all the hype. That’s not their fault though, it just shows what a great job they’ve done since launch. I honestly couldn’t really find fault with anything we had. Burger & Lobster is a fantastic option if you have a sudden crustacean craving. I look forward to eating here again but my go-to place in the capital for reasonably priced lobster is still The Big Easy in Chelsea – Check out our review here.

Web: www.burgerandlobster.com

Restaurants: Mayfair, Soho, City, Farringdon

(Review based on Mayfair branch)

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