Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon

I dread to think what this would’ve cost at home but it was worth every cent. I will dream of this meal for a long time to come.

Cervejaria Ramiro is every seafood lover’s paradise. If you’re partial to a crusteacean or two and happen to be visiting Lisbon, this place is an absolute must.

Ramiro restaurant front
Cervejaria Ramiro

We arrived at midday to make sure we didn’t have to queue. At first this appeared to be a bit overzealous, as we were practically first through the door, but the place was heaving by around 1pm. It’s extremely popular with locals as well as tourists so despite the Bourdain inspired foreign invasion, it’s managed to hold onto its authenticity.

Don’t worry if your waiter doesn’t speak any English. They have an iPad available with pictures of the food or if you prefer doing things the old fashioned way, you can just point at the beasts themselves in the cabinets.

I was fascinated to try goose barnacles (Percebes). A firm favourite amongst those in the know, they are harvested in rough seas off precarious rocks and this is reflected in the price. They may look like the stuff of nightmares (a bit like bird’s feet I think) and are by no means easy to eat, but they were sweet and (cliché alert) tasted of the sea.

Clams were great, heady with garlic and absolutely delicious. Langoustines were super fresh, in fact, they had been living just moments before. Served simply steamed, they were unseasoned but with that much flavour, who needs sauce? The Carabineros were an opinion splitter. I loved the juices from the giant prawn head, the body was firm and sweet, perfect dipped in melted butter. On the other hand, my dining partner didn’t enjoy his as much as the rest of the meal.

Spider crab was tricky to eat and we got covered in it (no plastic bibs here) but well worth it. We think these babies are easily as tasty as lobster and you get to eat the punchy brown meat too. I know it looks a bit grim but don’t let that put you off.

After this mega feast, what could we possibly want to eat for dessert? Of course, it had to be a prego. That’s right – a steak and garlic roll to round off all the seafood. It went down a treat too.

Yes, this was quite a pretty penny to spend on a decadent lunch but it’s not everyday you can enjoy delights like this. I dread to think what this would’ve cost at home but it was worth every cent. I will dream of this meal for a long time to come.

Percebes/goose barnacles
Percebes/goose barnacles
Garlic clams
Garlic clams
Spider crab
Spider crab
Prego (steak sandwich)
The bill
The damage

Address: Av. Almirante Reis, nº1 – 1150-007 Lisbon Tel: +351 21 885 10 24 Closed Mondays Visit site

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