Flat Iron – The best steak £10 can buy

Flat Iron has been high on our wishlist (or should I say piglist) ever since since it opened. This was actually our second attempt to get in and we’d have been really disappointed if we’d missed out again.


Our first visit was curtailed when arrived at 7pm on a Tuesday evening and were told that there would be an hour-and-a-half wait. That’s right… it gets BUSY!!!

When you go to a small, popular no-reservations restaurant like this, you need to accept the fact that queuing is inevitable, unless you arrive very early. On this occasion, I’m delighted to say that we got there bang-on 6pm on a Wednesday and were seated right away. The early pig catches the steak.

Flat Iron had a successful stint as a pop-up in Shoreditch, before permanently opening its doors on Beak Street in Soho at the end of 2012. It’s a single order restaurant, with the the flat iron steak being the only permanent main course on the menu. Unbelievably, it costs just £10. No wonder the queues are so big!

Photos of Flat Iron, London
This photo of Flat Iron is courtesy of TripAdvisor

A flat iron is also known as a butlers’ steak or oyster blade. It’s cut from the shoulder, but the way it’s butchered means that it’s tender enough to be eaten rare. On this occasion, there was also a £10 burger special on the menu, but we stuck to our guns and ordered the flat iron.

They also offer a selection of very reasonably priced sides, so we added on a couple of portions of chips, some creamed spinach and a salad. As it happened, we didn’t need the salad because you get one with the steak but a little extra greenery is no problem for a couple of piggies.

Just as we were about to tuck-in, they brought out some broccoli which we hadn’t ordered. We let them know and the waitress was very gracious and said we could have it for free. In keeping with this, the service was excellent all night and all the diners on our communal table of six seemed well looked after.

Photos of Flat Iron, London
This photo of Flat Iron is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Our steaks were cooked a perfect medium-rare and came sliced on a chopping board with a mini-cleaver. The quantity of meat isn’t huge. I think we each got around 200g, but this was enough with all the sides. The texture of the meat itself reminded me of eating duck breast. It was a little firmer than fillet steak, but was still juicy and very flavoursome.

We totally understand the appeal of this place and at these prices, there can be no complaints. Did I mention that the steaks only cost £10?! If you haven’t been to Flat Iron, you should give it a try. I can honestly say I’ve had far less tasty Chateaubriand for five times the price.

Steaks, sides and drinks for two approximately £40.

NB In July we visited the new branch in Denmark Street and are pleased to say it is equally as good as the original. The restaurant itself seems lighter and easier to get into at the moment. We had the special, wagyu pichana steak (grade 7), which was great value at £17. It was very rich indeed owing to the high fat content.

Address: 17 Beak St, Soho, W1F 9RW

Website: flatironsteak.co.uk

Twitter: @flatironsteak

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