Jubo – Korean Fried Chicken comes to London

Just in case you didn’t know, pigs love fried chicken. Oh! You did know. Anyway, we were very excited to be invited along to the launch of Jubo at The Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch. Fried chicken and Korean food combined. That was something we just had to try, so we hot-trottered it down there.

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The Bedroom Bar is a funky place to grab a drink and Jubo is there to take care of any alcohol induced hunger pangs. Located on the left-hand side of the bar as you enter, Jubo is inspired by the type of Korean fried chicken canteen that’s found in K-towns (Korean towns to you and I). They also serve Korean inspired cocktails as well as the local tipple, Soju and the obligatory Hite beer.


The highlight of the evening was their show-stopping wings. These are available in two flavours, hot and sweet or garlic and soy. Both were delicious but tasted very similar. The crispy texture of the wings was the best thing about them, almost like they had been deep fried in a really light coating, yet were still juicy inside. I could eat these all day long.


We also sampled a bulgogi sub. It was a bit like a Korean style Philly cheese steak but with a sweet, bulgogi sauce smothering the tender beef. Unfortunately, we mis-read the menu and so missed out on ordering the fried chicken roll. We saw plenty of them coming out of the kitchen though and immediately regretted our mistake.


Hirata buns (and Gua Bao) are bang on trend right now (think Yum Bun, Bao, Flesh and Buns et al.) but these weren’t in same league as the fried chicken. They’d run out of slow braised beef, so we went for the pork belly and flat portobello & shiitake mushroom buns. I was surprised that neither of these were served hot. I can’t imagine that this was intentional so I’ll just put it down to teething troubles. The pork belly was by far the better of the two. The sides were all pretty tasty but we’ve had better kimchi before. It had plenty of chilli heat but not much flavour.

Jubo bar

Regardless of these little niggles, we’d definitely like to return for the fried chicken. I’m also keen to try the fried chicken roll to get over my case of food envy. Jubo is a definite option if you’re out in Shoreditch, especially if you’re in need of a late night pit-stop. They serve till midnight every night (except Mondays) and even later on Weekends.

The initials KFC have taken on new meaning for us. Korean-Fried-Chicken. Hello K-Town London.

Address: 68 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3AY

Tel: 0207 033 0198

Website: jubolondon.com

Email: queries@jubolondon.com

Follow them on Twitter: @jubolondon

Find them on Facebook: http: facebook.com/JuboShoreditch

No reservations!

Information: We were invited guests and all food and drink was comped by Jubo. Food photographs also courtesy of the venue.

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