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Lucky Chip, Sebright Arms

The time has come. We’ve held out resolutely till now but we too have succumbed to the London burger review bandwagon.

Kelly LeBrock

Kelly LeBrock Burger

Here’s how it happened. One day I logged into Facebook and saw a picture a friend had posted. The Bill Murray life aquatic burger. Beef patty, guacamole, cheese and chilli, all topped off with a crispy soft-shell crab… and love. The last bit may have been his addition but I could see where he was coming from.

We walked into the Sebright Arms just after 4pm. The place was still almost full but it was a great time to arrive. They don’t serve food on a Sunday night and a lot of the lunchtime trade had already called it a day so we sat down without the anticipated wait. To my disappointment, Bill Murray was off the menu – apparently it only pops up as a special from time to time.

In the end I settled on a Kelly LeBrock (beef patty, bacon, cheese, aioli and cream cheese). Maybe I should’ve played it safe and gone for a Kevin Bacon (cheeseburger with smoked bacon). All the ingredients made the burger far too rich for my liking. The bun couldn’t handle it either and disintegrated as I ate it. The patty was cooked a juicy medium rare but it had no oomph. I’m a sucker for aged beef and this was sadly lacking.

We also ordered an El Chappo (beef patty, smoked bacon, roasted jalepenos, blue cheese and aioli). This combination worked well because the overall richness was balanced out by the sour heat of the jalepenos and the punch of the blue cheese.

Instead of ordering fries on the side, we went a step further and opted for chilli cheese fries. To be honest, this backfired because although they were plentiful, they were too salty to accompany the burgers (good job I had that nice pint of Camden IPA).

I’ve been to the Lucky Chip stall at Netil Market a few times and would describe their burgers as reliable – especially the Kevin Bacon. Okay, they are not up there with Bleecker Street, Mother Flipper, Patty & Bun or Burger Bear but they do a job.

Lucky Chip Menu

Lucky Chip Menu

Meal for two with three sides and two beers – £37.

Sebright Arms

Address: 31-35 Coate Street, London, E2 9AG

Phone: 020 7729 0937

Web: www.luckychipuk.com & www.sebrightarms.co.uk/

Twitter: @lucky_chip
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