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On a wet Friday evening, the Hog and I were in town and I had a sudden hankering for MEATliquor. We walked there only to find a massive queue, so decided to give it a miss. However, my craving didn’t subside, so we booked MEATmission for the next evening. What a great idea… they actually take bookings!

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We got there at 6:30pm and the place was already almost full. There was no queue at this point, but there was a waiting list for non-booked tables. If you book, you are seated in the smaller sitting room, whereas the main room, the Downing Wallace hall is walk-in free-for-all.

We ordered deep fried pickles and some bingo wings to start, followed by a bacon cheeseburger, a chilli dog and some chilli cheese fries. The deep pickles were a surprise sensation! They were covered in a crisp, thick batter which worked really well with the pickle inside. The bingo wings were done Buffalo style and were plentiful (we got twelve) and meaty. Both starters came with a delicious blue cheese sauce, complete with lumps of actual blue cheese lurking under the surface.

Bingo Wings

The mains arrived just as we were finishing our last couple of wings, which was lucky as our table was on the small side. The bacon cheeseburger was every bit as tasty as any I’ve had at MEATliquor. I’m not sure exactly what it is that I find so appealing about Yianni’s burgers, but I think they are up there with some of the tastiest in town. It’s a simple burger done really well. Fresh, soft bread bun. Thick, juicy patty with plenty of flavour and not overshadowed by gimmicks.


MEATmission have an eating challenge called ‘The Triple Chilli Challenge’ in which contestants have to eat a chilli dog, chilli fries and a chilli burger in the quickest time possible. If you’re keen to have a go, you should know that the record is a frightening 2 minutes 47 seconds!

Since we had ordered a chilli dog and chilli fries, we had inadvertently taken on two thirds of the challenge. As a result, we suffered  from a touch of chilli overload and everything tasted rater samey. Thank goodness for the cheeseburger.

This was my fault and the Hog did a little “I told you so,” but I just couldn’t help but order them. I remembered how much I’ve enjoyed the chilli fries when we’ve had them at MEATliquor, so I make no apologies!

double chilli
Picture courtesy of MEATmission

Taken on its own, the chilli cheese dog was great. It was savoury, cheesy and hot with a meaty sausage that gave a good snap. The fries were also tasty but the chilli contained diced jalepenos, whereas we were expecting more of a chilli con carne style topping. I think I’d have preferred that.

This place certainly fulfilled my dirty burger craving and the fact that you can book is a massive plus. It would’ve been nice to have had something sweet to end the meal but unfortunately, they don’t do desserts (despite the note on the menu to ask).

Starters, sides and mains including a pitcher of beer approximately £47

Address: 14-15 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG


Twitter: @MEATmission


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