Real Street Food Festival

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – Friday 29th March to Monday 1st April @ Southbank Centre (Free Entry)

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2013 is shaping up to be a stellar year for London street food. There’s definitely never been such quality or indeed variety. Burgers, hot-dogs, pizza, fried chicken, gyoza, curry… the list goes on and on. If you like the idea of all this being brought together in one place (what’s not to like), I’ve got some good news for you!

The South Bank will play host to four Real Street Food events this year. The first takes place over the Easter weekend and here’s our run-down on what to eat:

Big Apple Hot Dogs@BigAppleHotDogs

Big Dog

If you’ve never had a Big Apple hot-dog, you’ve never had a hot-dog! They have a cart in Old Street and are one of our go-to stalls at street food events. Their most popular dog is called “The Huge Pole,” but our personal favourites are “The Pimp Steak” and “The Big Dog.” Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Bleecker Street Burger – @bleeckerburger

Bleecker St

Bleecker St. Burger is named after the iconic Manhattan street that connects the East to the West Village. They describe themselves as a “NYC style burger joint on wheels” and have developed quite a following on the London street food scene. Their patties are well aged, but the flavour is by no means overpowering. We can certainly vouch for the quality of their burgers, undoubtedly one of the tastiest in town.

Their skin-on fries are superb too. Crispy, sweet and a perfect accompaniment to a juicy burger. Try the “Angry Fries,” these are doused in blue cheese and chill sauce and we really enjoyed them last time out.

Pizza Pilgrims@pizzapilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims

Perhaps the most unusual thing about Pizza Pilgrims is that their Piaggio van doubles up as their pizza oven. I don’t know how it performs as a van but it certainly does a great job of cooking their pizzas! They sell Napoli inspired street food and have recently announced the opening of their first restaurant in Soho.

We tried their excellent Nduja pizza at Feast and are looking forward to exploring the rest of their menu. The base was perfectly thin and crispy, the sausage hotter than we expected and the tomato rich and tangy. It was one of the tastiest pizzas I’ve had, and it was cooked in a mini-van!!

The Bell & Brisket@brisketbel

“It’s better than a burger. Try it.” That’s their claim and I have to say it’s a pretty bold one. Then again, The Bell & Brisket serve up one of Piggy’s favourite snacks – salt beef, pickle & mustard rolls, so it’s quite possibly true. They can be found at Kerb, Harringay Market and Red Market – check their website for details. We’ve been meaning to try one of these for a while, so this could be the perfect time!

Búntà @BuntaLDN


Búntà brings Saigon roadside food to London. It’s said to be “light, nourishing, healthy and tasty,” all things I associate with good Vietnamese food. We recently saw them at Feast but didn’t get around to trying anything, so this could be the time to put that right!

Speck Mobile @Speckmobile

Austrian ex-pats Franz and Marco bring a taste of the Tirol to London. They’ll be serving pork schnitzel and speck dumplings with sauerkraut. I’ve also heard rumours of a rather tasty apple strudel, so I recommend you check them out.

Jamon Jamon @jamonjamon

Oddly they serve paella – not jamon, but they’ve got a really good reputation and paella could be a great dish on a cold London day.

Also Appearing

Horn OK Please@Horn_Please

Gurmetti  – @GurmettiLtd



Bhangra Burger @BhangraBurger

Community Kitchen – @CommunityKitch1

ION Patisserie@ionpatisserie

Churros Garcia@ChurrosGarcia1

Dosa Deli@DosaDeli

La Marmotte@infomarmotte

Malaysian Pancake Co. @malaysiapancake

Craft Beer Rising @craftbeerriseuk

Bean About Town@beanabouttown

For full details on the event, please visit their website:

If you’re serving food at the event and we haven’t included you, please send us some details and we’ll make sure you’re listed.


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