Red Dog Saloon – Hoxton, Texas?

As well as being very dry and too thin, it appeared that the chef had tried to cremate our ribs and it was difficult to determine which bits were good to eat and which were not.

We’re serious barbecue fans, so it’s probably an understatement to say that we were excited at the prospect of putting Red Dog Saloon’s “authentic southern BBQ” to the test. Boy were we in for a disappointment.

The initial signs were good. They hold Man V Food style eating challenges and have a burger called The Devastator (which contains three 6oz patties, 200g pulled pork & 6 rashers of bacon). But if you look Red Dog up online, you’ll see that it’s attracted some very mixed reviews since opening its doors in July 2011.

We’d booked a table for 7:30pm and it’s a good job too because the place was filling up fast After spending a few minutes evading passing waiters at the busy bar, we were seated. We quickly opted for eight buffalo wings to start, followed by the tantalisingly named carnivore platter. The latter consists of all their smoked meats and two sides per person for £19.95 each. Unfortunately, they were out of chicken and instead we were told that we could have a little more of everything else, which sounded fair enough.

When the wings came, it struck us that they were a little on the small side. They had a nice, crispy crust, which I assume came from being dipped in flour prior to frying but we’ve had far better wings elsewhere.

After a little bit of a wait, the carnivore platter arrived and certainly looked imposing. It was big, so big that it took up most of the table (that’s a lot of meat). The beef rib was first to go, I’ve never eaten anything quite like it. On the outside, it had a thick, black, chewy bark (crust) and was soft, tender and gelatinous underneath. We really enjoyed it but I’d only recommend it if you don’t mind a bit of fat with your meat.

Carnivore Platter

The pulled pork was flavoursome and I was delighted to see that it was still recognisable as pork. I often find this dish to be shredded to the point that it becomes fibrous, before being drowned in overly sweet BBQ sauce. This certainly wasn’t the case here but it was a little on the dry side. The hot link was, well, just a big sausage, albeit a tasty one.

The worse thing on the plate was the pork ribs. On the menu, it says that they are St. Louis cut (gristly tips removed). However, these hadn’t been properly trimmed and were actually just spare ribs. As well as being very dry and too thin, it appeared that the chef had tried to cremate our ribs and it was difficult to determine which bits were good to eat and which were not. Mostly not!

Unfortunately, most of the sides were rather underwhelming too. The coleslaw was palatable but looked a little sad and the mac n cheese was bland and lacked any bite. We also had fries and a portion of meaty beans, which in fairness tasted pretty good.

Unfortunately then, this is another mixed review for Red Dog Saloon. The service was polite and attentive but there are far better options out there if you’re looking for a local take on Southern BBQ.

Meal for two, including service with two drinks – £65.53

Address: 37 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NN
Phone: 0203 551 8014
Red Dog Saloon Menu: Click Here
Twitter: @RedDogSaloonN1

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Square Meal

Note: The photograph of The Devastator was kindly supplied by Red Dog Saloon and is not an exact match to what we saw.

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