Spit & Roast

Fusion food has had a deservedly bad reputation for quite some time, but there are now quite a few street traders out there who are really making it work. One of them is Spit & Roast, whose delicious buttermilk fried chicken bap stands out above the rest.

Buttermilk chicken bap
Buttermilk chicken bap

They use thigh and drumstick meat which has lots more flavour than breast meat. It also has a higher fat content so it doesn’t dry out as quickly – making it ideal for frying. The coating is always nice and crispy, the coleslaw is there for crunch and the hot sauce gives it a kick. The Asian flavours are a welcome surprise when you bite into it but are not overpowering.

If you’re a fried chicken fan, I suggest you seek out their converted transit van sooner rather than later. Its owners Ross Gardner and Justin Unsworth certainly believe in what they do. Back in 2012 they both quit their jobs to be come full time ‘white van men.’

Spit and Roast chicken bap with chicken poutine
With chicken poutine at Truck Stop

They also serve rotisserie chicken and are regulars at Kerb and Brockley market, as well as festivals, special events and the occasional pop-up. I always find them a good alternative to a traditional burger, as sometimes you just crave something a bit different.

Twitter: @SpitandRoast

Website: Visit Site

Where to find them: Brockley Market Kerb

Spit & Roast

If you want to have a go at making some Spit & Roast style fried chicken at home, check out their recipe on guardian.co.uk

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