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It’s probably the best sushi in Denmark (and Covent Garden)

Denmark is punching well above its weight just now. With TV shows like The Killing attracting a cult following and the likes of Noma serving up some of the most innovative food around, it’s little wonder that Copenhagen is developing a reputation as one of the happiest places in the world.

So let’s welcome Sticks’n’Sushi, Denmark’s favourite sushi restaurant (well, that’s according to their staff uniform anyway). They have two menus to pick from. One is their a la carte, which consists of sushi and many inventive takes on ‘yakitori’, which is usually grilled chicken on a skewer, hence the name ‘sticks’. The other is called a set menu but is essentially platters of food, perfect for the indecisive. Despite the extremely helpful waitress, we still spent a while looking through all options as there are so many.

We settled on ‘Table for 2/Sticks’n’sushi’ from the set menu, which has a good selection of, as you may guess, sticks and sushi for £39.50. We also added on two a la carte items.

Beef tataki: fillet of beef, smoked cheese, chives, yuzu kosho dressing, soy roasted almonds & spicy goma dressing (£9.50)
Beef tataki: fillet of beef, smoked cheese, chives, yuzu kosho dressing, soy roasted almonds & spicy goma dressing (£9.50)

I’ve never eaten beef tataki like this (this is not part of the set). It’s not often you see smoked cream cheese on this dish, let alone want it but it actually brought everything together. This unlikely bunch of ingredients really made for a very tasty mouthful.

Table for two sushi set
Table for two sushi set

The sushi part of the set menu arrived next. It was made up of eight pieces of nigiri, two of each (salmon, garlic and salmon, tuna and shrimp). There were also eight pieces of uramaki, (tuna, California, black Alaska and something bizarrely called ‘mamma mia’ which I remember as being avocado and cucumber). There were also four futomaki ‘big gypsy’ rolls. These contained salmon and pickle. This platter was a little heavy on salmon but the quality of each item was high.

Grilled scallop with tobiko,  spring onion, lime & unagi sauce (£6.20 for 2 pieces)
Grilled scallop with tobiko, spring onion, lime & unagi sauce (£6.20 for 2 pieces)

The grilled scallop nigiri was our other a la carte choice. Like everything else before, it was a thing of beauty and tasted damn good too.

Table for two - sticks
Table for two – sticks

On to the ‘sticks’. The first we tried were bacon wrapped asparagus. If only more things were wrapped and grilled in bacon, the world would surely be a better place. The chicken tsukune (pictured on far left) was like a chicken meatball. If I didn’t know it was chicken, I would’ve guessed these were pork, by the texture and flavour. The middle stick was chicken breast coated in a chilli dip, the sauce was delicious.

There were a lot of tempting items that I wanted to try on the menu but it would’ve been all to easy to rack up a hefty bill. The platters do make a lot of sense if you’re not looking to spend an arm and leg but some of them don’t have the more exciting or unusual sushi included. This may not be traditional Japanese on any account but it’s definitely good quality and decent value for money if you order wisely. It’s probably the best sushi in Denmark (and Covent Garden).

Meal for two with soft drinks and service £68

Address: 11 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8PY

Tel: 020 3141 8810


Twitter: @sticksnsushi_UK

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  1. This is the second S’n’S in London, the first is in Wimbledon and is identically good.

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