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Recipe Test: Peanut butter & chocolate tart by Pitt Cue co.

Pitt Cue Co. Cookbook.jpg

The other day, I was flicking through the Pitt Cue co. cookbook, looking for some inspiration. As well as being basically an A-Z of how to smoke and BBQ meat, it also has a surprisingly good dessert section. I quickly decided to make an adaptation of one of their sweet treats. Despite there being several good options in the cookbook, ...

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Hummingbird Hazelnut & Chocolate Cupcakes – Recipe review

Hazelnut cupcakes

After my disastrous experience with Hummingbird Bakery’s black bottom cupcake recipe, it was with trepidation that I attempted this one. I wanted to make something quick and easy for a work colleague’s last day, so cupcakes were a good solution. I’m happy to report that these turned out great! Here’s the recipe (makes 12 cupcakes): Ingredients 100g plain flour 20g ...

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