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Sticks n Sushi

Grilled scallop with tobiko,  spring onion, lime & unagi sauce (£6.20 for 2 pieces)

It’s probably the best sushi in Denmark (and Covent Garden) Denmark is punching well above its weight just now. With TV shows like The Killing attracting a cult following and the likes of Noma serving up some of the most innovative food around, it’s little wonder that Copenhagen is developing a reputation as one of the happiest places in the ...

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Shake Shack – A surprisingly tasty burger, but why was I surprised?


When we heard the news that Shake Shack was coming to town this summer, we wasted no time in planning our visit. In the end though, it took us a over a month to get around to it. Let me introduce you to the concept of anti-hype. Shake Shack set the bar high from the start. They made it clear ...

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