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Hawksmoor, Air Street – Fantastic Sunday Lunch

Hawksmoor - Amazing rare roast beef

Hawksmoor is a carnivore’s paradise and both the Hog and I are avid meat eaters. Given that, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that it’s one of our favourite pig-out places! I really struggle to find fault with any of the meals we’ve had at Hawksmoor. Whether it be fantastic, succulent Chateaubriand, sensational porterhouse or great value rib-eye ...

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Pulled pork: Cook at home, no smoker required

Pulled pork roll

The Hog is a big fan of pulled pork and has been begging me to make some for months. I recently read Felicity Cloake’s “how to cook perfect pulled pork” article, so I got to work one evening! The ingredients are very few and the technique simple, it just takes time and patience to cook in a low oven. Ingredients ...

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