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Easy Chicken Parmo Recipe by ParmStar

ParmStar Parmo

Make your own chicken parmo at home Let’s get one thing straight. A formed chicken escalope, topped with cheese might taste okay but it is NOT a parmo. What’s more, if a recipe uses tomato sauce instead of bechamel, then that’s not a parmo either. It’s a parmigiana, parm, parmi or parma (depending on whether it’s Italian, American or Australian). ...

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Easy Pork Parmo Recipe

My parmos

Ever tried a pork parmo? Many of you will probably be wondering “what’s a parmo.” That’s understandable too because (sob) they are still pretty much unheard of outside the north east and north Yorkshire. The parmo (or parmesan) originated in Middlesbrough and is influenced by the Italian dish, the parmigiana, although there are big differences between the two. The parmo ...

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