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Blackfoot, Exmouth Market

The spare rib steak was one of the finest pieces of pork I’ve eaten this year – and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot. I once had a dream about dining in a place serving all things pig, with extra crackling on top. Well, it seems that dreams can come true, in the form of Blackfoot. Exmouth Market and the surrounding area ...

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Kerb at The Sundance Film Festival, The O2

The second annual Sundance London Film Festival took place this weekend at the O2. However, more importantly for us piggies was the fact that 18 Kerb traders were there, serving up some of London’s tastiest street eats. We here at Piggy HQ often feel green with envy when we read about the great lunchtime food that Kerb serve up through ...

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Easy Pork Parmo Recipe

My parmos

Ever tried a pork parmo? Many of you will probably be wondering “what’s a parmo.” That’s understandable too because (sob) they are still pretty much unheard of outside the north east and north Yorkshire. The parmo (or parmesan) originated in Middlesbrough and is influenced by the Italian dish, the parmigiana, although there are big differences between the two. The parmo ...

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