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Pulled pork: Cook at home, no smoker required

Pulled pork roll

The Hog is a big fan of pulled pork and has been begging me to make some for months. I recently read Felicity Cloake’s “how to cook perfect pulled pork” article, so I got to work one evening! The ingredients are very few and the technique simple, it just takes time and patience to cook in a low oven. Ingredients ...

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Red Dog Saloon – Hoxton, Texas?

The Carnivore Platter

As well as being very dry and too thin, it appeared that the chef had tried to cremate our ribs and it was difficult to determine which bits were good to eat and which were not. We’re serious barbecue fans, so it’s probably an understatement to say that we were excited at the prospect of putting Red Dog Saloon’s “authentic southern ...

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