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Chasiu men

If you’re a die hard ramen fan, Kanada-Ya is definitely one for your bucket list. Actually sod that, just go Just when you thought the ramen revolution had peaked, the big guns from Japan have arrived. First Kanada-Ya sprang up on St. Giles High Street, closely followed by Ippudo – directly across the road. What an amazing coincidence. Kanada-Ya has ...

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Tonkotsu – A bowlful of porky comfort

There’s many an evening when we don’t have a set plan. We just want to grab a quick, tasty bite without spending a fortune. Something relaxed, comforting and hassle free. On those occasions, we find that ramen fits the bill perfectly. It’s not just us who feel that way. Ramen is ‘the’ comfort food of Japan. It’s what people look ...

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