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The Big Easy – Worth every calorie

The Big Easy isn’t really the sort of place you expect to find in the middle of King’s Road, but there it is.

Inside it’s pretty dark and compact so it has a great atmosphere. The decor is very much Southern US crabshack, right down to the red and white checked tablecloths and star spangled banner on the wall. There are even frozen slush-cocktail machines behind the bar.

They position themselves as a “Bar-B-Q Crabshack” and as you’d  expect, steak, ribs, lobster and crab feature strongly on the very extensive menu. The offers are pretty amazing too, such as 200g steak and whole lobster plus a beer for ₤19.95 (Thursdays). That includes fries and salad so you can’t say fairer than that! The only problem is, will you be able to finish it all?

This photo doesn't give you a true idea of scale!

This photo doesn’t give you a true idea of scale!

On our trip, we went slightly overboard (for a change). We started with voodoo wings which were crispy and hot. The blue cheese sauce is great, although one celery stick does seem a little mean but I did see another table get two so perhaps one of ours went astray.

The mains were the real gut buster. We went for the 600g sirloin on the bone and whole lobster (a steal at ₤38.90) and boy was it a big steak! The other order was Bar-B-Q ribs (full rack, of course) and shrimp. Needless to say, we needed a doggy bag for this meal. The steak was cooked a juicy medium-rare, the meat far more flavoursome than we’d anticipated. The lobster was beautifully sweet and cooked just right. The ribs were tender and meaty, the sauce smoky and sweet.

Shrimp n RibsThe weekday deals are exceptional value and as long as you don’t mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with “Chelsea types” you won’t be disappointed. You don’t come here for refinement, you come here to eat with your hands and enjoy the kind of food that forced the invention of plastic bibs. This isn’t a trendy burger pop up (which is so right now), this place has been going for over 20 years! It’s a fun place to eat, with lots of atmosphere and live music during the week.

Meal for two (we ordered a little too much!) with drinks and service; around £100. Most people with normal appetites could eat here for around £30 a head, or a lot less if they take advantage of the midweek promotions.

Pay them a visit, do it now –  that’s an order!

Address: 332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR

Phone: 020 7352 4071

Web: www.bigeasy.co.uk

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