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Tongue ‘n Cheek’s Heartbreaker is no ordinary burger. The patty is 50% ox heart and 50% dry aged beef – it’s London street food’s flag bearer for nose-to-tail dining.

Belly connection
Heartbreaker Burger – Belly connection

The patty is so thick and juicy that ours soon destroyed the paper bag it was served in. If you’re eating it standing up, it’s a good idea to hold it well away from your body and take a wide stance.

The texture is quite firm in comparison to a regular burger and ours was pretty much cooked through but it had a deep, meaty flavour and was anything but dry.

Heart breaker menu
Heart breaker menu

We went for the ‘belly connection’ heartbreaker. This gave us a slice of pork belly, some pickled onions, pimento mayo and gorgonzola on top of the patty.

Porky Sub
Porky Sub

Also worth considering is their porky sub. It’s a toasted roll containing amazingly tender, slow cooked pork cheek and spicy slaw, topped off with a port reduction. Rich, tangy and messy. In other words, great.

Porky sub1

Heartbreaker burger: £6.00-£7.00 (depending on toppings)

Porky Sub: £5.00


Twitter: @tonguencheeks

Tongue ‘n Cheek can usually be found at Kerb, Brokley Market and many other street food events and festivals but they are currently in residency at The Joker of Penton Street, serving a special Street Life menu.

Here’s where to find them:

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