Yauatcha – Dim sum at a premium

Yauatcha sets its stall out to give diners a modern and refined take on Chinese food. Its Michelin starred status reflects this but so does its pricing.

Its location on Broadwick Street in Soho could hardly be better in terms of footfall, even if former owner Alan Yau has opened another Chinese restaurant Duck & Rice in the former Endurance pub next door.


Yauatcha has a high-end feel but manages to avoid being stiff or stilted. To be fair it’s also a lot more affordable than the HKKs of this world. You can either go for dim sum (known as yum cha in much of Asia) or stick to perhaps more familiar Chinese dishes. We had booked for a Saturday afternoon and couldn’t look past the dim sum.

The main dining room is very light and spacious but we were given a table downstairs. This isn’t a negative though, we liked it down there. The lighting is low-key and it has a ‘Las Vegas 24hrs’ feel. It could literally have been any time of day. Luckily there wasn’t a roulette table in sight.

fishtank bar

If you’re new to dim sum, as a general rule of thumb, I’d advise you to choose a variety of dishes from different sections of the menu (steamed, fried etc.). We also recommend that you order around six dishes between two (we had seven and two desserts – but we are pigs after all).

Now onto the most important part – the food!

Prawn and beancurd Cheung fun

cheung fun

This was quite possibly the best Cheung fun dish I’ve eaten in the UK. The beancurd was fried, which was great because it added a welcome crunch to what can sometimes be a fairly sloppy dish. The prawns were plentiful and the kitchen had even cut the rolls into slices for us. What a helpful bunch.

Chicken Shanghai dumplings


These were unusual because they were shaped like Japanese gyoza. They were also fried, not steamed and didn’t contain hot stock on top of the meat, as you’d find in a conventional Shanghai dumpling. That sounds quite negative but don’t worry, they were damn tasty. Honest!

Chinese chive and prawn dumplings

Chive prawn dumplings

I don’t want to get overly technical but I’ve never seen this dish so green before. Don’t be put off though, it was very enjoyable indeed. The flavour of the chives wasn’t overpowering and there was a nice bite from the prawns.

Pan fried turnip cake

turnip cake

It might not sound amazing but for me this is often one of the tastiest dim sum dishes around. The Chinese chives added flavour but they are way too plentiful (even more so than the chive dumplings). This meant that this dish has a little too much garlic-esque pungency.

Spicy pork Szechuan wonton


These sounded amazing but failed to deliver. The sauce didn’t actually have much spice and the wonton was soggy, claggy and under-seasoned.

Rice paper prawn and mango rolls

rice paper rolls

These were genuinely something that I’d never tried before and they didn’t disappoint. The addition of mango added just the right amount of sweetness and the rolls were nicely crispy.

Scallop shui mai

Shu mai

Shui mai is a dim sum classic and this one had been poshed up by the addition of the scallop and fish roe on top like the cherry on a cake.

Make sure you save room for desserts, as these are too good miss! Sometimes desserts look amazing and disappoint on taste. One thing’s for sure, Yauatcha certainly can’t be accused of that.

dessert bar

Coffee chocolate

Chocolate coffee

Salted caramel

salted caramel

Granted we over ordered but this meal cost us over £70, more than double what we’d have paid in Chinatown. Having said that, it was a different kind of experience. Many of the dishes have been successfully elevated, the atmosphere is on another level, as is the service, and you’re not going to be table-turned the instant you put down your chopsticks.

I’m not going to become a regular here but if you’re looking for a tasty lunch option in town and are prepared to spend a few quid, you won’t go far wrong at Yauatcha.

One thing we have been back for is their desserts. You can get them to take away from the counter upstairs and the macarons were up there with the best.

Meal for two with Jasmine tea – £71.44

Address: 15-17 Broadwick St  London, W1F 0DL

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Phone: +44 20 7494 8888

Website: yauatcha.com

Twitter: @yauatcha

Facebook: facebook.com/yauatchalondon

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