Jamon croquetas recipe

Jamon & Manchego Croquetas – Recipe

A rich, indulgent tapa that’s easy to make at home. When the guys from Mahou brewery in Spain got in touch and asked if we’d like to create and share a tapa recipe to go with their premium beer Alhambra Reserva 1925, it took us literally seconds to decide what we were going to cook. It just had to be …

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My definitive NY style cheesecake recipe

I dreamed of making a cheesecake reminiscent of Junior’s but what I ended up making was slightly different. For a start, I really didn’t want to have to make the sponge base which Junior’s has. I know it makes for a lighter base but I didn’t want it to end up with a soggy bottom after a day or two. …

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ParmStar Parmo

Easy Chicken Parmo Recipe by PARM STAR

Make your own chicken parmo at home Let’s get one thing straight. A formed chicken escalope, topped with cheese is NOT a parmo. What’s more, if a recipe uses tomato sauce instead of bechamel, then it’s not a parmo either. It’s a parmigiana, parm, parmi or parma (depending on whether it’s Italian, American or Australian). Parmos can be made with …

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Recipe test: Black forest gateau

This recipe is from Felicity Cloake’s ‘perfect’ column. Black Forest Gateau reminds me of childhood birthdays, when my parents used to buy a frozen one every year from the local Cash & Carry. This one tastes a lot better, believe me. Ingredients  (Serves 8-10) For the pastry layer (if using) 60g plain flour 5g cocoa powder 25g caster sugar 40g …

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Piggy’s Bakewell Tart

This is a bit of a mish-mash of recipes. I’ve used Ottolenghi’s recipe for sweet pastry and Felicity Cloake’s recipe for the filling. The culmination of both was a success, if a lemony one. I should have omitted the lemon zest from the tart filling as there was some in the pastry too. This makes double the pastry quantity needed …

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Recipe Test: Peanut butter & chocolate tart by Pitt Cue co.

The other day, I was flicking through the Pitt Cue co. cookbook, looking for some inspiration. As well as being basically an A-Z of how to smoke and BBQ meat, it also has a surprisingly good dessert section. I quickly decided to make an adaptation of one of their sweet treats. Despite there being several good options in the cookbook, …

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Banoffee pie – Ever popular and super simple

The banoffee pie. It just has to be the ultimate crowd pleaser. Even I’m a fan and I don’t even particularly like bananas. It’s also possibly the simplest dessert to make. No cooking required, just basic assembly! Ingredients 250g digestive biscuits 75g unsalted butter 8 tbsp Nestle Carnation caramel 2 large bananas, sliced 300ml double cream 25g icing sugar Few …

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Nutella Cheesecake

It was a friend’s birthday a little while ago so we decided to make her a special cake using her favourite ingredient – Nutella. This recipe is an adaptation of Nigella’s peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. However, we found the original recipe to be far too sour so it’s been drastically altered. One of the riskiest things to do when …

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Beef and stout stew with potato cobbler

This is a bit of a mish-mash of two recipes from The Hairy Bikers but it turned out really well! I was initially intending to make their beef and stout suet pudding but after failing to find a suitable pudding basin, I went to plan b. Instead I topped the stew with potato cobbler. This was taken from one of …

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My parmos

Easy Pork Parmo Recipe

Ever tried a pork parmo? Many of you will probably be wondering “what’s a parmo.” That’s understandable too because (sob) they are still pretty much unheard of outside the north east and north Yorkshire. The parmo (or parmesan) originated in Middlesbrough and is influenced by the Italian dish, the parmigiana, although there are big differences between the two. The parmo …

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