Cafe Monico

I know what you’re thinking; those lazy swines from London Piggy have finally taken a break from liking Instagram pictures of pugs and added a new post to their website. They must’ve gotten it for free. Well yes… we’ve been tempted out of blogger retirement by the nice people from Soho House who asked if we’d like to try out ...

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Jamon & Manchego Croquetas – Recipe

Jamon croquetas recipe

A rich, indulgent tapa that’s easy to make at home. When the guys from Mahou brewery in Spain got in touch and asked if we’d like to create and share a tapa recipe to go with their premium beer Alhambra Reserva 1925, it took us literally seconds to decide what we were going to cook. It just had to be ...

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Pizza East Portobello – Summer Menu Tasting

Pizza East Portobello

I’ve long had a fondness for Pizza East. For me, it’s an east London institution and one of my safe havens on cold, winter nights. Reliably buzzy, reassuringly consistent; a homey, moody cave with an industrial edge. I always know it’s there when I can’t face my own oven. It’s warm and informal, tumblers of deep red wine flow, cute ...

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The rise and rise of the éclair – Maitre Choux & L’éclair de Génie

Maitre Choux

It seems the glory days of the macaron (or “macaroon” if you want to Anglicise it) are long gone and a new French fancy has taken the mantle of most Instagrammed treat. The humble éclair has been given a makeover of Caitlyn Jenner proportions: gone is the sticky splodge of icing, replaced by silky ganache, floral appliqués or gold leaf, ...

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Fera at Claridges

Reg's corn fed chicken, bbq leek, onions and celeriac cream, Fera

When Fera opened at Claridges last year, we wasted no time in getting a booking in the diary. After missing the boat with Simon Rogan’s London pop-up Roganic and with the odds stacked against us ever getting round to making a trip up to L’eclume or The French, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try his food. Until I cancelled ...

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Som Saa (no longer at Climpson’s Arch)

Rice Soup

Som Saa – one of London’s best Thai restaurants The other day I clicked on a lifestyle website’s “Best in London” guide that someone had re-tweeted. I don’t usually pay much attention to “best of” posts but I suppose they, at least, create debate, which surely can’t be a bad thing. Articles like “10 burgers to eat before you die” ...

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The fish finger sandwich redemption: From Bill’s to Fish & Chips by Des McDonald

Most of us have a sense of nostalgia about the food we ate when we were young. Whether it be a roast dinner, mac and cheese, pizza or congee, there’s usually a simple dish that stands-out and really takes you back. For me it’s definitely the humble fish finger sandwich. To this day I’m likely to have a pack of ...

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My definitive NY style cheesecake recipe

I dreamed of making a cheesecake reminiscent of Junior’s but what I ended up making was slightly different. For a start, I really didn’t want to have to make the sponge base which Junior’s has. I know it makes for a lighter base but I didn’t want it to end up with a soggy bottom after a day or two. ...

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When I told the manager how much we’d enjoyed the short-rib, he remarked that it’s too fatty for lots of British people. We assured him that those people could never, ever be our friends. Kintan is London’s first Yakiniku restaurant (at least as far as I know) but I’m sure it won’t be the last. After all, there’s much more ...

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I told the waiter that our meal was better than much of what we’d had in San Sebastián. He was aghast and said “but this is just imitation!” Donostia is the Basque name for San Sebastián; a city that’s now widely thought of as the gastro-capital of Europe, if not the universe. It also gives its name to this popular, unassuming ...

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